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The causes and solutions of IPTV freezing and buffering

When we watch IPTV programs, sometimes there will be program freezes and frequent buffering. Due to the characteristics of the network transmission environment, this situation is almost inevitable. But 90% of the reasons are caused by the following situations:

WIFI signal is weak
This situation is often because the set-top box is too far away from the router, resulting in
poor WIFI signal, and data loss during transmission. This situation can be improved in the
following ways: 1. Try to change the position of the router or set-top box to shorten the
distance between the two. It is best to use a wired network connection to ensure that the network
signal is stable 3. If the above two methods cannot be achieved, you can Add WIFI relay
equipment, such as WIFI AP.

Insufficient network bandwidth and old equipment
This situation often occurs when playing some ultra-high-definition high-bitrate programs, such as 4K channels, because 4K programs require at least 30M network bandwidth to play. If your home bandwidth is insufficient or your network routing equipment is relatively old, At this time, you need to contact the broadband operator to upgrade the network and replace the network equipment.

Instability of the IPTV provider’s server

At present, there are various IPTV service providers on the market, and the prices vary greatly. The cheap one only costs a few US dollars a month, while the expensive one costs more than 10 US dollars. When choosing a provider, do not be greedy for cheap. Generally, providers with a few dollars a month do not have their own servers. Many of them are URLs collected on the Internet. When someone visits too much, they will get stuck. We call this kind of providers a thief. Providers with more than $10 have their own dedicated servers, and some have their own CDNs, which can ensure that there will be no buffering and stuttering during the peak period of sports. So the most important point is that we have to remove inferior providers, and then choose high-quality providers, and require free testing, so as to ensure that we enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.


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