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How to Setup IPTV Smarters on Andoid Device 2021

After years of technology accumulation, IPTV Smarter has become one of the best Android IPTV players in the world. This article will introduce how to setup IPTV Smarter.

Start the play store on the Android device, search for IPTV Smarter, and click install to automatically download and install.

Configure IPTV Smarter

 IPTV Smarters does not supply or include any media or content,Users must provide their own content. How to choose the IPTV provider,  I will highly recommend you to check my guide.

If you want to use IPTV Smarter, you must accept their Terms and Conditions, Please Click Accept here

IPTV Smarter currently supports Xtream APi, but does not support MAG stalker protocol. You can enter the user name and password or use m3u8’s program list. It depends on your provider. If they provide a username and password, choose “Login with Xtream Api”.If the provider provides a url, please use “Load your Playlist or File/Url”

Login with Xtream Code API

Please enter the username, password, and URL according to the above picture, and then click Add User

Press Next

iptv smarter load

After a few minutes (depending on the number of programs), you can enter the main menu

how to setup IPTV Smarter

Load Your Playlist or File/Url

The Standard Format “http://xxx.xx:xxxx/get.php?username=xxx&password=xxx&type=m3u_plus&output=ts”

iptv smarter allow

Choose “Allow” here

iptv smarter url

Click Add User, Then enter the loading program, and finally enter the main menu.

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