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Cable TV vs IPTV

1.Stbale(Cable TV Win)

Cable TV no any buffering ,no freezing and switch channel is faster, otherwise IPTV maybe freezing and buffering sometimes.

2.TV channels(IPTV Win)

Cable TV:Only 10 to 30 channels included, extra costs for more channels

IPTV: Over 10,000 channels including top-viewed and paid channels

3.Live Sports(IPTV Win)

Cable Tv: Need to pay extra for Sports channels
IPTV: over 1000 Sports channels.All Premium Sports channels, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL,Football!

4.Video On Demond(IPTV Win)

Cable Tv: No VOD was provided
IPTV: More than 200,000 VOD including Movies and TV Shows!

5.Easy to Installation(IPTV Win)

Cable Tv: Troublesome satellite and cable tv installation
IPTV: Just Plug and Play with Internet!

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