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Android tv box vs IPTV box Difference 2021

For new users who want to switch from digital cable TV to Internet TV, they do not understand the difference between andoird tv and IPTV box, and they are likely to buy the wrong set-top box. After reading the introduction of this article, I believe you will know how to choose.

What is an android tv box, I believe that users who have used smart phones should be easy to understand, that is, a TV set-top box with an android system similar to an android phone

The original purpose of google was to apply the androird system to mobile phones. With the development of the Internet, more and more users hope to be able to enjoy traditional satellite or cable digital TV through the Internet. So google ported andoird on the mobile phone system to the TV system

After several years of development, android tv box has become more and more mature and can already satisfy the user’s operating experience.

So we can conclude that all set-top boxes with anddroid operating system can become android tv box

What is IPTV box

To understand what an IPTV box is, you first need to understand what an IPTV is.IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), also called interactive network television, is a new media technology that integrates technologies such as the Internet, multimedia, and communications to provide users with a variety of interactive services including digital television.

Maybe you can understand it like this: it is to spread the TV programs transmitted by traditional cable TV or satellite digital TV through the Internet.In this way, we can understand very well that if you want IPTV to be able to play TV programs, you must first need a set-top box that supports network functions, and an operator must provide program content.

So the IPTV box can be summarized as a network set-top box with live TV content

The difference between iptv box and android tv box

Through the above analysis, we can clearly summarize the following differences.

  1. If there is no content in the android tv box, it is the android tv box, not the IPTV box. If the live tv service content is brought, it can be called the android IPTV box. So not all android tv boxes can be called IPTV box, This must be paid attention to when buying. If you are replacing traditional cable or satellite TV first, it is recommended that you buy an IPTV box instead of just an android tv box.
  2. The IPTV box does not have to be anddroid tv box, because the set-top box of linux or ios can also have a network, and it can also support IPTV playback


If your need is only to replace traditional TV live broadcasts, it is recommended that you purchase an android IPTV box, which includes the subscription fee. Generally, we can watch it immediately after receiving the set-top box.

Of course, you can also buy the android tv box separately, and then purchase the iptv subscription separately, this is also possible, but there may be cases where the program is not compatible with the android tv box. So if you are not particularly skilled in technology, it is recommended that you still buy android IPTV box that supports live program content

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