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How fast internet speed to watch 4K IPTV video?

At present,  the network speed of watching 4K video is about 35M. In order to ensure that the viewing experience is not degraded due to network jitter, it is recommended to use a bandwidth of 50M.

The 4K video programs we currently watch are basically compressed in H.265 format except for the original ones.

4K video refers to a program with a resolution of 4096*2048. The standard original stream of 4K video is: 4096*2048*3*8*60=12079595520bps.

At present, we basically use the H.265 format for transmitting 4K video, and its compression ratio is 350-1000.

Calculating according to this ratio, the bandwidth required to transmit 4K video is about 12-33M, and the audio stream is about 35Mbps.

If you use the operator’s IPTV to watch 4K programs, because IPTV has its own reserved bandwidth, you don’t need to consider the bandwidth of broadband; if you use a network set-top box to watch programs, it may be preempted by other devices going online. Part of the bandwidth, so the construction uses at least the operator’s 100M broadband.

The unit of contracted bandwidth of home broadband is bps, and the unit of bandwidth that we see most often on behalf of download speed is Bytes/s.1 Bytes= 8 bit, so the theoretical value of download speed for 100M broadband is 100/8=12.5MB/s.

However, when we test the bandwidth, we need to choose a more reliable speed measurement server. The contracted bandwidth is 100M, but it does not mean that you can access any server at this speed. The download speed is not only related to your contracted bandwidth. , But also closely related to the server you choose.

However, considering the line attenuation, according to the current situation, it is generally considered that the contracted bandwidth can be divided by 10, that is, the 100M broadband download can reach 10MB/s, which is considered to be up to the standard.

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